Tuesday, July 1, 2014

                                     THE TECH MIRROR


 A Smart Story of a Smartphone queen::

Once upon a time there lived a smartphone queen who ruled over the entire technology world . But the queen has decided to search for her life partner as she singlehandedly  could not manage the entire kingdom. she went to CHARLES BABBAGE, her father and asked for help, He presented her the TECH MIRROR which knew the answers to the past , present and the future.

The queen began commanding questions to the mirror,

QUEEN:"Mirror, Mirror on the wall,who is the most handsome of us all?"
MIRROR:" the IPHONE 5S with great  aluminium shell and some great stying, it is definitely the   most handsome of us all, My Lady." 

QUEEN:"Mirror,Mirror, on the wall who is the most robust of us all?"
MIRROR:"With ip55 waterproof certifications and shatterproof front and back glass panels the SONY XPERIA Z2 is the most robust of us all,Your  Highness!!!"

QUEEN:"Mirror , Mirror on the wall who is the most hardworking of us all?"
MIRROR:"LG's latest creation the LG G3 with some great battery backup and great specs is the most hardworking of us all,,Your Highness

QUEEN:"Mirror,Mirror on the who has the most purest heart of us all?"
MIRROR:"The NEXUS 5 which provides pure stock android experience and nothing on top,,it is the one having the most purest heart,, My Lady!!!"

The queen was very confused. for every question the mirror came up with a different answer . Hence the queen decided to ask the answers to her questions DIRECTLY!!.

she said,,

QUEEN:"Mirror,Mirror on the wall, which one of us can rule us all?"
MIRROR:"The waterproof, dustproof, shatterproof, crashproof, extremely handsome NOKIA 1100 which is the most purest , loudest and hardworking is the one who can rule us all!!!

NOKIA 1100 RULZZ!!!!



Sunday, June 29, 2014

Best smartphones to buy at the range of 30k-35k rs

Are u planning to spend a lofty amount of 30000 rs on a smartphone. Then congratulations!!! You have come to the right place.

Some of the best smartphones under 35k rs are:
1.LG G2
2.HTC One
3.Samsung galaxy S4
4.Sony xperia Z1
5.Sony xperia Z1 compact
6.Google Nexus 5
7.Gionee Elife E7
8.Sony xperia Z Ultra
9.Samsung galaxy S4 Active
10.Nokia Lumia 925


Don't worry I am going to try and make you decide a phone based on which TYPE OF PERSON you are. I was inspired by a video by ANDROID AUTHORITY and I planned to do a review like it on my own.
I got to say that all the phones mentioned above excel in every category i'm gonna mention below all of them have atleast 2GB of RAM and most of them have the same processor too. But one or two phones stand unique in certain categories. That UNIQUENESS in the smartphones will help u make the right choice

If you are a:

1)Entertaintment lover:  If you are so crazy about videos and music and  planning to buy a smartphone to hear great music and see great videos then your choice should be the HTC ONE(5")..
With great Boonsound dual speakers in the front and a great pixel density of 464 ppi i am sure it is the right choice and it is sure to entertain you without doubt.
You can also go for the SAMSUNG GALAXY S4(5") it has a great Super Amoled screen of great clarity and gives good Loudspeaker output

2)Flaunter : If you are so keen about the design of the phone and likes to flaunt your phone among your colleagues.. Once again the mighty HTC ONE(5") catches the crown in this field and outclasses everyone in his league. With its beautiful Aluminium unibody design it is definitely the phone i would recommend for you

And the runner up in this area is the SONY XPERIA Z1 (5"). With a great combination of glass and aluminium it gives tough competition to the htc one and comes at a close second

3) Hardcore gamer : if you are a great gamer and planning to buy a phone for playing hardcore games
Then close your eyes and get a LG G2(5.2"). With a 1080p true hd ips+ lcd screen and a super fast 2.2 ghz qualcomm snapdragon 800 chipset playing games is a real treat. It also has a great Battery Backup and we hardly notice any glitches. and hence tops this category without any rivals

4)Rugged: if you are a outdoorsy type of person and likes to go on dangerous expeditions Then the SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 ACTIVE which is manufactured keeping the adventure guys out there in mind  should be your pick. It is waterproof , dustproof blah blah blah
you should also consider the SONY phones which have great design and have the same IP67 waterproof certifications and all..

 5) The one with a big heart(phablet): if u are the person looking for a big phone these are my recommendations . Considering the price range 'The best phablet' title winner is the Z ULTRA. this great phablet produced by sony has bunch of specs to be looked upon. This 6 inch phablet built with the 2.2 ghz snapdragon 800 proceesor , 20 mp carl zeiss camera and a 3050 mah battery is definitely a beast. It is also waterproof which makes it the best phablet under 35k without doubt

If  you can raise a few thousands in your budget you can get the NOKIA LUMIA 1520 It has the same specs as the z ultra but has a better battery life and a better screen which accounts for its extra cost

6)The one who think small is beautiful: if you are looking for a small and a cute screen, then let me introduce you to the SONY XPERIA Z1 COMPACT. It has great specs in a compact body(4.3")which leaves  everyone in awe. With a 2.2 ghz processor,20 mp camera,waterproof abilities the smaller brother of the xperia z1 compact races to the top without much difficulties
i also suggest the NOKIA LUMIA 925 it also packs in some awesome specs with a 4.5" screen. its a beauty!!!!!!

7)Value for money : if you looking for a phone  that is worth every penny you spend then say hello to the GOOGLE NEXUS 5 this is for the android purists,you get latest android updates before everyone which is a major plus,it has too got a 2.26 ghz processor but also shares some cons like average battery and average camera.But the stock android experience is definitely worth it

The runner up is the GIONEE ELIFE E7(32 gb) (5.5") it has got equal specs it has also got an extra gig of ram 3gb but service centers for gionee is very less but it is a developing company and has produced several good mobiles hence it wont be a problem in the future.

Now for the last and final category...

The one who wants a piece of everything : Suprised!!! do u want everything mentioned above, then go for samsung's latest flagship the SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 it is a jack of all trades but have also managed to master most of them . With the recent price drop to 35k(as per flipkart). i think this will be the perfect time for you guyz to get your hands on one. It has got a 2.5 ghz snapdragon 801 processor to play games and do multitasking without any lags, it has got a great screen,good design, it is the perfect size,it has a fingerprint scanner heart rate monitor and the best of all it is WATERPROOF!!!

That's it guys hope you decide which phone suits your  nature, after all it is just my opinion.
Thank you it is VISHVESH THANGAMANI signing out.